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Please could you hear your child read regularly.(Little and often is better than a long weekly session)

  • Try and choose a quiet, comfortable place, and keep things relaxed.
  • Always show an appreciation of your child's efforts.
  • Sometimes read the words together to help the reading flow.
  • If your child has difficulties, quietly read the word, or part of story to them--this will help with continuity and understanding and reduce feelings of failure.
  • Give your child time to think or to self-correct mistakes-encourage them to read for meaning.
  • Encourage your child to look for clues to unknown words (picture clues, first letter sound, making sense of the sentence.)
  • STOP if you or your child begins to feel tense.
  • Please use reading record book to make positive comments and sign when you hear your child read.
  • Most of all, show interest, praise and encouragement

Thank you for your help!

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