Agents of Change

Agents of Change

Baynards are delighted to be an Agents of Change school.


What is Agents of Change?

Agents of Change is a grass roots project aimed at providing children with the tools and inspiration to inform positive change in themselves, their community, and the planet in order to develop confidence in their own impact as they grow.

Children are able to autonomously work on projects or use the support of their friends, family, or school. As much or as little guidance can be provided, but the heart of each project centres around the child’s personal beliefs and passions.

All participating children are given a poster with 40 ideas, a passport with a little more information on each idea, and will earn a stamp in their passport and a sticker for each project completed – which can be done in any order.  When they have completed seven projects, they can choose a badge (of which there are seven to collect).

Children will be able to complete challenges both in school and at home. There will be termly challenges set in school where the children will work together to achieve a stamp, along with the children being able to take authority at home and complete individual challenges. Children can complete challenges independently or with family and being led by their own interests, talents and beliefs. For example, ‘Eat, sleep, move’ can be completed by the children speaking to us about a club or sporting achievement they have attended.


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