Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Our vision here at Baynards is “Be the best you can!”

We also adhere to a set of values which are:

  • Honest
  • Respect
  • Fair
  • Courage
  • Happy
  • Successful
  • Kind
  • Sensible

The staff and Governors of Baynards Primary School are committed to providing the best education possible for every child in their care.

Our aim is to provide an exciting integrated co-ordinated curriculum which is rich, varied, challenging and makes strong links between subject areas. The school sets statutory targets for pupil’s attainment. We see each child as an individual and are committed to providing opportunities for each boy and girl to fulfil his or her full potential both socially and academically.

We aim to continue to make Baynards School a warm, friendly, caring happy place where all are made to feel welcome and valued;

  • Where care for each other is fostered and valued and opportunities are equal for each individual regardless of gender, race, intellect or position in society;
  • Where mutual respect and co-operation fosters positive and harmonious attitudes to work and relationships;
  • Where the curriculum provides the full range of areas of learning and experience (aesthetic and creative, human and social, linguistic and literary, Mathematical, moral and spiritual, physical, scientific and technological) at the appropriate level for each learner;
  • Where the enjoyment of working is promoted, recognised and rewarded;
  • Where high expectations of self-discipline, self-reliance and responsibility are encouraged and nurtured;
  • Where an awareness of the world beyond the school, including family, community, environment and national and international events is promoted in a caring and thoughtful manner;
  • Where opportunities are provided for children to share their efforts and successes to a wide audience and to receive appropriate encouragement and praise;
  • Where children who encounter difficulties are encouraged and supported and gifted children are extended;
  • Where children whose behaviour is recognised as unacceptable are positively enabled to develop acceptable behavioural standards through firmness and consistency;
  • Where the curriculum shows continuity and progression through structured planning and effective liaison throughout the school linked with on-going monitoring, evaluation and development;
  • Where parents are made to feel welcome, informed, involved and valued.

To achieve these aims the Governors and staff of Baynards School make sure that the budget and delivery of the curriculum is administered effectively; that the recruitment, retention and development of staff is ensured; that all staff are given appropriate training, time, resources and recognition for the work they do; and that the views and ideas of all are sought and valued.

The happy team spirit which prevails throughout the school is evidence of the above aims being realised. It is the intention of the Governors and staff to continue with these aims and to carry them to the future generations of pupils, staff, governors and all who come into contact with Baynards School.

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